Eamonn Carr - Evening Hearld
Exquisite playing and gorgeous tune selection from two of Ireland’s finest musicians on the harp and uilleann pipes. The album title means On The Shoulders of Giants. The sound of our ancestors.


Irish harp and uilleann pipes, a very traditional sound but quite a rare one in these days of wider instrument choice: here they are played by two of the best, County Mayo harper Laoise Kelly and County Monaghan piper Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn. Despite their individual brilliance, these musicians pay tribute to previous generations with Ar Lorg Na Laochra - On The Shoulders Of Giants in English. Almost all the material here is considerably older than this pair of performers, and they definitely have chosen tunes from the heart of the Irish tradition. O'Sullivan's March, Strop The Razor, Goodman's Polka, Teelin Highland, Drowsy Maggie, Darby Gallagher's, Fred Finn's, The Dusty Miller and Jamesie Gannon's span styles from Donegal to Cork, Dublin to Sligo and beyond. The New Roundabout is the only modern composition included, a 1980s polka by Dave Hennessy. There's also an old Finnish polka, and the Scottish strathspey, Cawdor Fair.


Ar Lorg Na Laochra is a true duet album, with both players providing melody lines and accompaniment. Laoise has earned a reputation as one of the foremost melody players on the Irish harp, or indeed in any harp tradition. Tiarnán holds up his end of each duet, and takes the lead on the bouncy Spirits Of Wine with his hallmark understated style: gracenotes only as required, and very few big throws or crans. He turns to accompaniment on Con Cassidy's Jig, chanter and regulators providing harmony lines as Kelly plucks a strong melody. The pipes fade gently into the background for the air, Méilte Cheann Dubhrann, leaving the harp to carry the tune. Laoise doubles the melody line on much of the dance music too, and provides almost constant accompaniment with her dextrous left hand. The interplay between the two instruments is constantly shifting, revealing myriad possibilities. Another striking feature of this CD is the dotted rhythms and stops which are handled superbly by both players: highlands, barndances and strathspeys are delivered with more snap than a box of Christmas crackers, and four sets of such punchy tunes give this album an exceptional lift. It's wonderful to hear harp and pipes resurgent with such strength and skill.





Alex Monaghan

di Alessandro Nobis

Con una stupenda grafica di John Brian Vallely in copertina, è stato pubblicato un paio di mesi e presentato al William Kennedy Piping Festival questo “On the Shoulders of Giants”, bel lavoro dell’arpista Laoise Kelly (vista in Italia parecchi, ma parecchi anni or sono) e del piper Tiarnan O Duinnchinn. Tredici brani, un viaggio nella più pura tradizione musicale irlandese “sulle spalle dei giganti” che forse sono gli autori e le fonti di ispirazioni alle radici della musica del duo. Un duo strumentale apparentemente improbabile per noi “del sud” – abbinare la dolcezza dell’arpa all’asprezza della cornamusa – ma che invece trova qui un perfetto equilibrio vuoi per la bravura dei due musicisti vuoi per gli arrangiamenti direi perfettamente equilibrati e rispettosi dei suoni degli strumenti come ad esempio in “Strathspey & Reel”) dove è Laoise Kelly a condurre la prima parte e O Duinnchinn la seconda.

Il medley tra “O Sullivan March” (1650) e la celeberrima “The Humours of Killarney originariamente suonata dal violinista Denis Murhpy, quello di 3 slip jigs (nati come accompagnamento alla step dance) e la melodia settecentesca per arpa “Catherine Ogle” sono gli episodi che più hanno catturato la mia attenzione, ma tutto il disco è da gustare poco a poco, sorso dopo sorso come un bicchiere di Bushmill invecchiato…………..non so se mi spiego.

Ottimo lavoro.

Un Duo de harpe celtique et Uilleann pipes attendu avec impatience... Deux instruments bien spécifiques a l' Irlande et tellement complementaires
Laoise Kelly et 
Tiarnan O Duinnchinn: 
Deux talentueux musiciens dont la renommée n est plus a faire.. Une complicité rare , une finesse de doigté, une précision de jeu dans une purete musicale ..Une véritable redécouverte de la Musique Irlandaise ancestrale ..
Celle qui parle dans 
l ame et le coeur de chacun 
a travers les générations passées présentes et à venir.Un Duo musical
Unique et rare dont on ne se lasse pas d écouter...  Véronique DUHEM