Ar Lorg na Laochra 

01. March & double jig: O’Sullivan’s March, Humours of Killarney 

02. Song air & reel: Fáinne Geal an Lae, Lady’s Cup of Tea 

03. Polkas: Ó Neillí, Neillí, Finnish polka, New Roundabout, Goodman’s Polka

04. Song air & double jig: Bó na Leathadhairce, Strop the Razor

05. Highland & reels: Teelin highland, Drowsy Maggie, Ballinamore Reel

06. Barn dances: Maggie’s Lilt, She Said She Couldn't Dance, McConnell’s

07. Harp air: Catherine Ogie

08. Strathspey & reel: Cawdor Fair, Spirits of Wine 

09. Slip jig & double jigs: Paddy Hiúdaí Byrne’s, Darby Gallagher’s, Con Cassidy’s 

10. Reels: New-Mown Meadows, Black Mare of Fanad, Fred Finn’s

11. Slip jigs: Comb your Hair and Curl it, Dusty Miller, Rocky Road to Dublin

12. Song air: Méilte Cheann Dubhrann

13. Barn dances: Kitty Seán Cunningham’s, Jamesie Gannon’s, If There Weren’t Any Women in the World

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