east side of Muiredach's High Cross, Monasterboice Middle of head of
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Brian Vallely Harper and Piper
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Tenth-century carving of a harper and piper on a cross at Durrow, Co. Laois

Courtesy of Dúchas / The Heritage Service

Fintan Vallely and Compánach

Muiredeach's Cross, Monasterboice, Co. Louth.
On the right of Christ is David enthroned, playing a harp, upon which the Holy Spirit rests in the form of a dove; behind are a choir of angels playing instruments. On the left of Christ are the Lost Souls,playing a pipe, being driven away from Christ by a devilish creature holding a trident.[
"Piper and Harper"
from an original pen drawing by John B. Vallely
Dessin de Laure Boin, Sauve, France
Photo by Renate Haslinger